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Here's the devastation from just 40 feet of trench work.

There seemed to be fewer large rocks where the tower foundation was dug.  Given that the specified hole dimensions are 9 feet by 9 feet by 5 feet deep, the odds would seem to have dictated a monster down there somewhere.  I was even worried we might hit bedrock, which in this area is very dense blue granite and within a few feet of the surface in a few other spots on my 4 acre lot.

My neighbor tried to shave the sides of the hole by digging from two different sides, but the rocks still made that very difficult.  He didn't set up very close to the hole because we were both afraid of partically caving in the sides, with the result that he couldn't see the bottom of the hole very well and I had to guide him with hand signals as best I could.

By the way, the mountain in the background is across the border in Mexico.

Concrete costs roughly $100 per cubic yard in our area, so at this point I felt it was prudent to finish the rest of the hole by hand with a shovel.

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