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Kind of a ragged hole at this point.  I had to dig all of this out with a shovel, tossing the dirt about 8 feet in the air and several feet away from the edge of the hole so it wouldn't fall back in.  I estimate that I removed between 2 and 3 cubic yards of dirt this way over the next couple of days.

Look what I found at the very bottom of the hole.  This one was missed by the backhoe and was way too heavy for me to lift, but I was able to use a pry bar to get some straps under it.

I didn't want to drag my neighbor back for just this one rock, but I couldn't get my own skid steer tractor (we bought it when we started building our house ... see www.stone-ridge-road.com) close enough to the edge without worrying it would fall in, so I bolted a piece of aluminum I-beam to the bucket as an extender.  The pucker factor was still pretty high as I got near the edge of the hole, but I managed to get the rock out.

My wife discovered this old guy in the hole late one day ...
This is the uphill side of the hole and the black mark on the pole is at five feet.

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