AB7E Tower and Antenna Installation

I've been an amateur radio operator for over 40 years and for various reasons had never been able to put up a real tower with directional antennas.  I've always had to use verticals or dipoles hung from skinny poles, and while I've always enjoyed DXing and contesting with these simple antennas I've also envied the many hams with aluminum in the sky.  I am now retired and living in an area where a tower is more practical, so with a bit of supportive urging from my wife I decided to install a heavy duty freestanding tower and put a decent HF tribander and a 2 element 40m yagi on it.  My eventual hardware selection was:

Tower                              AN Wireless HD-70  (a heavy duty 70' freestanding tower)
Mast                                 21 foot chrome moly, 2 inch diameter
Rotator                              Prosistel PST-61D
20m/15m/10m                   OptiBeam OB16-3  (4 elements on 20m, 4 elements on 15m, 8 elements on 10m)
40m                                  OptiBeam OB2-40 (2 coil-shortened elements)
80m                                  wire Inverted-V
160m                                wire Inverted-V
feedline                             1/2 inch Heliax

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