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The tower base weighs over 100 pounds and is large enough to be awkward to handle, so it seemed best to assemble it in the hole.  That turned out to be pretty easy, as did adjusting it for 48 inches (+/- 1/16 inch per the drawings) span across each face at the top.

I made these "shoes" for the tower base ahead of time out of 8 inch CMU blocks.  The steel angle stock pieces are embedded about 5 inches into the fast-setting pre-mix concrete.

I used C-clamps to temporarily hold the tower base in place while I adjusted it for plumb, and then later drilled a hole and inserted a bolt.

After everything was where I wanted it to be, I cut a fence stake into pieces and drove each one into the vacant cavity of the CMU block.  Then I filled them with more concrete to hold the base firmly in position.  They don't move at all.

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